The LED technology is rapidly developing further (longer lasting, lighter, more efficient). Therefore Activled constantly expanding its range with the latest and the most innovative in the industry, so always the best trends and technologies are available to you.

Your specialist for innovative LED technology

Activled is a leading specialist for LEDs and LED products. Convince yourself of excellent quality, reasonable prices and good service.

15 years of experience in individual B2B solutions.

Activled is a vendor-neutral distributor in the area of LEDs and LED solutions. In doing so Activled is not limited to distribution, but also produces many products in-house – Quality made in Germany. With our LED measurement laboratory, we examine technical data and carry out extensive tests. Even so, we achieve excellence and recommend the most durable, most efficient and brightest products at any time without having to refer to the partly arbitrary data from manufacturers.

Together with our partners we develop for each application tailored products or serve you from our high quality standard portfolio. We are vendor independent and create standards that still remain competitive and extendable for years . We place great value on efficiency, durability and brightness but also on transparency and cost control for our customers. Therefore many of our products are (TUV) certified and receive up to 5-year warranty. This high level of flexibility and technical expertise of our employees are essential for a successful and long-term cooperation with partners and vendors.

  • We live our values and expand them
  • We have the people in focus
  • We develop and provide training for our employees 
  • We create proper and transparent structures 
  • We have an entrepreneurial and independent thinking of each individual 
  • We have an open and respectful communication both internally and externally 
  • We inspire our partners and their personal No. 1 
  • We use our entrepreneurial thinking for planning, implementation and monitoring of targets